BrewDog launches Barnard Castle Eye Test beer after Dominic Cummings row


A few weeks ago, you probably had no idea where Barnard Castle is.

Now it’s the place on everyone’s lips after Dominic Cummings revealed he drove 30 miles to the landmark to test his eyesight as he was worried it had been affected by coronavirus.

He also admitted he’d driven from London to Durham with his wife and child to isolate on his father’s farm after she fell ill and they were worried about who would care for their son if they were both too unwell.

Social media has been filled with plenty of jokes about the whole row but craft beer brand BrewDog has taken it to the next level by creating a drink called Barnard Castle Eye Test.

The New England, Old School IPA has a 6% alcohol volume and is described as ‘a short sighted beer for tall stories’.

The brand had posted some other suggestions on Facebook including ‘Cummings & Goings’, ‘260 Miles’, ‘Stay at Homes’ and the winning choice of ‘Barnard Castle Eye Test’.

With the final choice being the most popular, they went ahead and launched the beer, which is dry-hopped with pineapple, mango and hint of lime.

The can feature letters laid out like the Snellen Chart they use at the opticians, some fuzzy letters at the bottom and a ‘hazy’ beer reference.

All profits from the beer will go towards funding the free sanitiser BrewDog has started producing for NHS and health care charities.

You can preorder 12 330ml cans for £16.95 and the product will be available in two weeks.