Mum orders nappies for her baby, Tesco delivers incontinence pants instead


Sometimes the substitutions we receive in our shopping deliveries don’t match up to what we’d ordered, but never before have we seen such a strange one.

31-year-old Hannah Williamson had ordered two packs of size six nappies for her daughter (who turns two next week).

With no warning, however, the media relations manager ended up receiving a pack of incontinence knickers.

The Surrey mum couldn’t stop laughing, particularly as her husband didn’t even spot the mistake when unpacking the shop.

She said: ‘It wasn’t even listed as a substitution even though we had 3 others on that shop.

Hannah’s husband initially didn’t spot the mistake (Picture: Hannah Williamson)
‘My husband had helpfully unpacked the shopping whilst I was working and it wasn’t until a few hours later I spotted the pack of Always on the stairs to be taken up and was like “what’s this, I didn’t order these?”

‘He said “didn’t you?” and I replied “of course not, I’m not incontinent and where are the two packs of nappies?”‘

The oddest thing about it all, says Hannah, is that ‘it’s not even like they are usually on the same aisle as baby nappies’. Someone definitely had to go looking for those incontinence pads.

Hannah says: ‘Family thought it was hilarious and there was a lot of ‘what a substitute’ but it cracked them up even more when i sent them a pic of the substitutions list and they could see it wasn’t actually even on it!’

After the whole debacle, she jokingly tweeted Tesco and her friends were just as incredulous as her. One person commented: ‘They could come in handy for me the way I’m laughing at this.’

Thankfully, Tesco replied and decided to issue a refund for the nappies they didn’t receive, although the family did have to go out to get more.

Hannah said: ‘I asked them what they wanted me to do with the Discreet pants and they said I could keep them – so they are in the cupboard for a rainy day.’

They’ll certainly keep her dry!