Transgender man jailed in women’s prison for threatening to kill ex partner


An ‘out of control’ transgender man who entered his ex’s home at night and threatened to stab her has been locked up in a women’s prison for 21 months.

Jay Lee Layton, 25, breached a civil order as he turned up in the garden of his former partner, who refused to let him into her house in Spennymoor, County Durham. After being turned down he got in through an open window, picked up a knife and refused to leave.

When police arrived at the scene on April 6, the intruder kicked an officer in the stomach before being arrested. Prosecutor Joe Hedworth told Durham Crown Court Layton had been crying hysterically, pleading to be allowed in when he first turned up. His ex urged him to be quiet as her young child was asleep.

After she offered to go and get him a coat, the unwanted visitor took the opportunity to enter the house via an open window and told her she wasn’t leaving. When she said she would call the police, Layton threatened to kill her, harm her child and end his own life.

He then grabbed a kitchen knife and held it above his head before dragging his ex partner into the garden and locking her outside. When police arrived to arrest him, Layton kicked a female officer in the stomach which made her feel nauseous.

Layton’s former partner described him as ‘unpredictable’ and said in her victim statement that he had ruined her life and left her in constant fear.

The injured officer said she did not come to work to be assaulted and found the incident upsetting.

Layton, of, Brandon, County Durham, admitted assault by beating, making threats to kill and assaulting an emergency worker.

The court heard he has two past convictions for battery, at least one of which arose during a domestic incident.

Nicholas Askins, mitigating, said it was a relatively ‘short record’, with no offences for five years until this incident.

He said a prison sentence would prove problematic for Layton, who was born female but has transgender status.

As he still remains biologically female he was detained in Low Newton Women’s Prison, albeit almost in ‘solitary confinement’.

Judge James Adkin said Layton, ‘lost all control that evening’ and told him the message needs to get through that his former partner, ‘wants you out of her life’.

As well as a 21-month prison sentence he also issued a ten-year restraining order prohibiting Layton from contacting or approaching his ex partner.